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I have done a little update and started up a blog. This is a sort of online diary showing you what I have been looking into these last few days/months whatever.


I have been using Macintosh computers since 1986, Unix since 1992, and Windows since 1995. I have near mastery in the Mac OS. I know more about Windows than most certified techs, and have developed applications under it. And I consider myself a little past the novice user phase with unix.

At home I run a network with dedicated access to the internet via a 384K SDSL line with a /26 address space (64IPs). My computer at home is a PowerMac G3 Pro 350 with DVD. I have made some modifications since I bought it. I have replaced the slow IBM drive with a fast IBM drive, and have added some ram and a SCSI card for my external drives and scanner.

I tend to treat commercial software like shareware. If I try it and use it and it is really cool, or if I make money using it, then I buy it. I have definitely spent more money on software for my computer than I have spent on hardware.