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I have done a little update and started up a blog. This is a sort of online diary showing you what I have been looking into these last few days/months whatever.


I have the login name on several systems of biggermike, since I am just a tall guy. While on the chatting on the internet someone asked me if I ever felt small. The experience below sticks in my memory as such an occasion.

I was hiking through Yosemite with my father on a back packing trip. The last day before reaching the car we had to go through a pass. The summit was only about 1/4 mile from the peak so we decided to make camp there and continue on in the morning.

After setting up camp we walked up to the peak. From there I could see everything. I could look down the mountains to the mountains to the foothills and beyond to the west, and to the east I could look down into the Nevada basin where I could see part of Mono Lake. To the north I could see about 35 miles to where the peaks started to obscure the horizon. To the south I could see part of Kings Canyon, and in the distance I thought I could see where Mount Whitney was starting to ascend into the clouds. What was truly breath taking about it though was the sheer distance that I could see and the small size of me compared to the rest of the world. The sky was covering over half of my vision and the stars were just beginning to come out. That is one of the few times when I have felt the immensity of the world looking down apon me, and my insignificance in the world.