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Looking for Snow Shoes? Look Here
I have done a little update and started up a blog. This is a sort of online diary showing you what I have been looking into these last few days/months whatever.

Here are some features that I plan to add someday.
  • tell you how to get in contact with me including image telling weather or not I am online with yahoo messanger (my login name is mikegrok) Yahoo Messanger
  • Guest Book
  • Form Mail
  • Background
  • The links in the travel area to the pictures.
  • Information about some of the sports that I have been doing and have done.
Things I have completed.
  • Color scheme (updated for 2005 from yellowish to redish)
  • The pictures that I scanned.
  • I have made to the best of my knowlage the page accessable to someone using a non-graphical viewer, such as those used by the blind, or other sight impared people.