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I have done a little update and started up a blog. This is a sort of online diary showing you what I have been looking into these last few days/months whatever.

I am currently dating a wonderful woman I met on match.com. We moved at the start of the year (Jan 2005) up to sacramento when she got a job up here. We don't yet live together, but have been growing closer over the past few months. We each have our own apartments about 10 short blocks apart in midtown sacramento.

Old news below:
I have gotten much more interested in Bike riding, one to three times a week I go on a bike ride where I go between 15 and 35 miles and climb between 1900 and 2500 feet (on shorter rides I climb more). This has put me in pretty decent shape, almost athletic, anyways it is a blast, current top speed 42mph youza.

I spend a fair amount of time online (I work part time at an Internet Service Provider, and have dsl at home), and I run iChat, and yahoo messenger nearly full time. My login name on yahoo is mikegrok . On aol my login name is TheYetiCom. Feel free to message me through either system. If you message me between 11 AM, and 7 PM PST, thursday or friday, I may be slow getting back to you, as I am at work.