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I have done a little update and started up a blog. This is a sort of online diary showing you what I have been looking into these last few days/months whatever.


In part who I am can be defined by what I have done. But in part it can not. My general outlook on life and those around me is generous and I hope not unique. I am by nature gentle, kind and generous. I do a lot of volunteering because I know that my presence benefited someone. This is important to me. The fact that the work that I am doing is benefiting one or more people makes my projects worthwhile.

I am supportive and will offer assistance if it is welcome, but will not force it. I welcome others view points as long as it doesn't cause harm to anyone. Though I am straight, I can see the deep love that holds a gay couple together, and don't seek to break that union.

I don't believe in god, though I don't mind if you do. I can see in people that their belief in a superior being gives them strength in times of hard ship. It is not my place to rob them of that inner strength, or in any way lessen or belittle it. If I were to follow a belief structure, it would probably be Buddhism. I far prefer the idea of a personal tally or record of your goodness to the world, than a overseeing being.

My world outlook is not as somber as that above, I just wanted to lay some groundwork. My personality is playful and adventurous. I want to see new things, go where no man has gone before, explore new worlds and new civilizations... umm, no that is star trek. But really, I welcome new experiences, and wish to meet people and do things that are fun and a bit daring. When hiking I often went off of the beaten path, going to the tip of the peak, or taking the "express" route down the hill. Sure it's steep, and if I start running, I will not be able to stop until I get to the bottom one way or the other. So come on this is FUN, don't worry you can use the trees to come to a stop in a hurry if you really need to. I take pleasure in the small things in life (water fights at work during a heat wave), but don't bypass the opportunity to have a Really Good Time.